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The lands of Palodar

Palodar is an earth-sized planet consisting of four main continents and various islands. There is one notable supercontinent, a large and two mid-ranged landmasses.

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Esturan is broken into several different regions, the most notable being the Heartlands and the Elven homeland known as Maernthor. Off the eastern coast of Esturan sits the Isles of Shauntarin.

Esturan is inhabited by various races and cultures, consisting primarily of a variety of ethnicities of humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes and goliaths. Other races do inhabit the continent, but they are not as common.



Elanoias is a land of various landscapes of plateaus, plains, steppes, and mountains, that are spread across over 12 large islands and several smaller ones.

The islands of Elanoias are separated by the Haldiac Ocean



The lands of Thoradlin are vast in landscapes from luscious forests and mountains in the north, long plains and savannas on the eastern seaboard, long deserts filling the middle of the continent and spreading into the southern reaches where jungles and mountains reign.



The lands of Mordark are vast in landscapes from luscious forests and mountains that stretch all along the western coast, spanning from the north to the southern coasts.


Foothills span the reaches at the foot of the mountains which followed by long plains of grasslands.

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