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The races of Palodar

Palodar is home to many intelligent races, giving rise to dozens upon dozens of heroic paths. Even though all origins of the races of Palodar stem from each races' Deities, some have populated the lands for much longer than others. 


​While the civilizations of the old races decline, those of the younger races flourish and spread throughout the world.

The races of Thoradlin

The following races listed below are the playable reason for Season 7 of Awakened Fables, and how they fit within the Awakened Fables setting. 

Each season of Awakened Fables has a different selection of playable races & subraces. 

For more information about the races located in different lands of Palodar, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

More in-depth lore available in our book!

More in-depth lore for each race is available in our "Player's Guide to Shuton Lan"

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