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Awakened Fables is not just a game, it’s a Dungeons & Dragons experience.

We pull everything together that Gary Gygax had envisioned D&D to be back in 1974 - artwork, captivating storytelling, dungeons, immersion, and most importantly, community.

Our venues

We host weekly Dungeons & Dragons game events at three locations across Sydney, with a fourth opening soon.

Come and play with us at a venue near you!

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Support us on Patreon

Become a patron of Awakened Fables to support our growth as we expand to offer our fun and inclusive D&D experience across Sydney.

Gain access to sneak peeks at upcoming projects, artwork and digital downloads, more in-depth lore for our setting as well as exclusive magic items, subclasses and discounts.

Follow us on socials for the latest updates

All the latest information will be available on our Facebook page, and our players can get together to chat all things Awakened Fables and D&D in our Discord server

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