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The largest of the three is the super-continent of Thoradlin which reaches nearly both ends of the planet, seeing various types of landscapes as well as all extremes of weather. The northern part of this continent, known as Thaissau, sees a stable climate, although it is sees heavy mists, and is damp throughout most of the year and will experience bitterly cold winters.

The lands of Thoradlin are vast in landscapes from luscious forests and mountains in the north, long plains and savannas on the eastern seaboard, long deserts filling the middle of the continent and spreading into the southern reaches where rain forests and beautiful beaches fill the southern coast.

Thaissau is inhabited by various races and cultures, consisting primarily of a variety of ethnicities of humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, half-orcs, gnomes, tabaxi, aarakocra, firbolgs, genasi and yuan-ti. Other races do inhabit the continent, but they are not as common.

The region's of Thoradlin are as follows:

Esmar - Coming for a later season.

A small vision of paradise. Beautiful forests and long beach coastlines.

Odria - Coming for a later season.

Barren, hard lands of deserts and rocky landscapes.

Simonia - Coming for a later season.

Grasses and small or dispersed trees fill the landscape that rarely meet to form a closed canopy.


Thaissau, located in the North of the super-continent of Thoradlin, is known for having a stable but damp climate. The land often covered in a heavy mist before turning to a long and brutal winter.


A mysterious and ancient land, inhabited along ago by a race now only known as "The Ancients", known only by the magnificent structures they left behind. Their race, their culture and their history disappearing long ago. Their architecture throughout Thoradlin and the spires emerging from the Caracier Ocean are all that remains.


Thaissau is also the home of the Queen of the Dragons, Aldiranairanx who resides in the Mountains of Surodar. The Queen of the Dragons, who can be occasionally sighted flying over the lands of Thaissau before returning to rest at the peak of Spine of the Dragon, is the mother of all dragons. It is said that once every 1000 years she will lay a mass of eggs, which has come to signify the transition into a new era.


In the north Thaissau also will also find the Nevae Forest, located at the base of the Nevae Caldera - a place of forbidden mystery and lost souls. Many have ventured, none have ever returned. The cursed magic that inhabits this forest is said to be from the blood of fallen elves.


You're located in the city of Dawn, the capital of capital of Thaissau. Built along the River of Muamman's Tears this massive city is full of culture of various lands and races as well as a rich history of its own that's influences spread throughout all of the North of Thoradlin.

The magical Dawn College stands in the north of the city - a College teaching many different magical disciplines, offering training to those who prove worthy enough to ascend to become a student.

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