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The humans are a race of humanoids found throughout the lands of Palodar are located in every part of the world, encompassing a full range of cultures and ethnicities, as well as being the most populous of all races across the lands.  By most other races they are often referred to as the commonfolk.

Humans thrive in their own societies and others, believed for the most part fuelled by their shorter lifespans compared to other races, looking to achieve as much as they can during the years they have been given. Human societies are generally seen as hubs for other cultures to either join or thrive in, depending on their ambitions. 
Humans are not seen to have any specific supernatural abilities, but their versatility allows them to fill a variety of different roles in society and still thrive in each one. They are seen as some of the biggest innovators, achievers, and pioneers of the world of palodar.

The appearance of humans throughout the lands of Palodar is wildly varied. As a point of value, there is no “generic” look of a human. A full range of the diversity of skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, hairstyles, builds, and further individual breakdowns for many human ethnicities can be found in specific articles related to those ethnicities.



Due to the size and differences in every kingdom, there is no set standard for how the military is viewed. Each kingdom will have its own different military and militia views, as some will be a military state kingdom, whereas some will solely rely on able-bodied militias to defend their lands. 

It is common to see each major city have its own military which will also be responsible for the protection and law-keeping of not only their city but also the city-state surrounding.

Smaller towns may have a full unit of official city-state guards as well as a number of able-bodied people who are able to bear arms.

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