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The half-elves are a slender race of humanoids found throughout all of the lands of Palodar. They are few and far between, they bring together a unique combination of the grace of the elves and the ambition of the humans into one. 


Half-elves are found residing in human societies more than those of elves, taking part in the local nations’ culture and traditions as they have no true independent culture of their own. While most view half-elves as an example of the love of Aravaniel, the elven goddess of the Moon and, Brandur, the human god of the sun, they are just as often worshiped by many, as they are victims of ridicule and jealousy by other of the same races. As a result, it's not uncommon for half-elves to reside in large cities or in settlements in other races.

Many half-elves are drawn to the life of an adventure, possessed by a sense of wanderlust and alienation that drives them to pursue unusual careers, more than that of commonfolk.


Half-elves stand slightly shorter overall than humans and tend to be a little heavier than elves but still considerably lighter than humans. Like humans, half-elves have a wide variety of complexions, some of which are inherited from the elven half of their heritage, such as a tendency for metallic-hued skin tones and facial birthmarks.



Due to the size and differences in every kingdom, there is no set standard for how the military is viewed. Each kingdom will have its own different military and militia views, as some will be a military state kingdom, whereas some will solely rely on able-bodied militias to defend their lands. 

It is common to see each major city have its own military which will also be responsible for the protection and law-keeping of not only their city but also the city-state surrounding.

Smaller towns may have a full unit of official city-state guards as well as a number of able-bodied people who are able to bear arms.

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