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The goblins are a small aggressive race, found throughout all the lands of Palodar. Primarily as a part of larger goblinoid societies ruled by their larger kin, they can also be found as independent tribes or living on the outskirts of established settlements.

Most goblins in a region are tied together by their bloodline, which influences many of their physical traits, including the color of their skin, in addition to dictating social hierarchy.


While never having a true creator god of their own, the goblins were created by their larger goblinoid kin to serve as scouts and infiltrators, but as the goblin numbers grew, as did their own identities, society, and culture, even more so when numbers of them were left detached from their progenitors. 

They are seen as hostile and aggressive by other races, but typically this behavior only occurs when goaded by more dominant races. Goblins raised in goblin-only communes or by other races show more empathic traits. Goblins are tribalistic by nature but readily adapt to new environments and customs. 


The goblin race easily distinguished by their flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears. Their skin tones vary from pale yellow to pale red or to green, depending on their bloodline. Goblins from the same tribe will usually all share the same colored skin.



Due to the size and differences in every kingdom, there is no set standard for how the military is viewed. Each kingdom will have its own different military and militia views, as some will be a military state kingdom, whereas some will solely rely on able-bodied militias to defend their lands. 

It is common to see each major city have its own military which will also be responsible for the protection and law-keeping of not only their city but also the city-state surrounding.

Smaller towns may have a full unit of official city-state guards as well as a number of able-bodied people who are able to bear arms.

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