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The dwarves are a stout and hardy humanoid race, living in kingdoms rich in ancient magnificence, with halls carved deep into the side of mountains where the hum of traditional songs, the ring of hammer upon metal, and picks against stone echo throughout all the lands of Palodar, no matter their clan or settlement bloodline.


Dwarves tend to remain within their clans and traditions, however, some are an exception to the norm, seeking more than their traditional life of being a worker of stone and metal. Dwarves are a race known for their martial and artisan skills, although regardless of their short stature, their courage and endurance are unmatched by their larger counterparts.

Most dwarves found out of their settlements have either chosen to take their artisan skills out into other lands or have opted to take the path of an adventurer.


Bold and hardy, dwarves are well known to be skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal. Though standing well under 5 feet tall, dwarves are so broad and compact that they can weigh as much as a human that stands near two feet taller. 



Due to the size and differences in every kingdom, there is no set standard for how the military is viewed. Each kingdom will have its own different military and militia views, as some will be a military state kingdom, whereas some will solely rely on able-bodied militias to defend their lands. 

It is common to see each major city have its own military which will also be responsible for the protection and law-keeping of not only their city but also the city-state surrounding.

Smaller towns may have a full unit of official city-state guards as well as a number of able-bodied people who are able to bear arms.

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