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The Aasimar are a race of celestial plane touched humanoids, bearing the light of the celestials deep within their souls. They are a scarce race, very rarely encountered in the lands of Palodar.


Although rare, they can be found all throughout the world but have no full cities or societies of their own. Aasimars could live their entire lives without so much as meeting another of their kind.

Born to serve as champions of the Gods, their births are often seen as blessed events and often turn to celebrations. As such, when traveling, aasimar prefer to wear hoods, closed helms, or other items that help them to conceal their identities.

Although not openly hunted, it's not uncommon that people will see the blood of an aasimar a great prize.


The aasimar is a beautiful race and tends to stand a taller height compared to the human race. The Celestial descendants are often seen with pearly opalescent eyes, devoid of pupils, and adorn gray or golden colors. Their skin can vary from white to silver, with rare occasions an aasimar can be found with iridescent scales.



Due to the size and differences in every kingdom, there is no set standard for how the military is viewed. Each kingdom will have its own different military and militia views, as some will be a military state kingdom, whereas some will solely rely on able-bodied militias to defend their lands. 

It is common to see each major city have its own military which will also be responsible for the protection and law-keeping of not only their city but also the city-state surrounding.

Smaller towns may have a full unit of official city-state guards as well as a number of able-bodied people who are able to bear arms.

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